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Our heirloom recipe, using select single origin varietals, creates a smooth, rich, full body brew which gives you a most memorable drinking experience.

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We ship to you within days of roasting.:

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  1. Full bodies and very smooth

    Posted by Kevin NcDonough on 24th Mar 2016

    Just the best coffee I have ever had. What you would expect to be served in a 5 star restaurant!


    Posted by Unknown on 13th Mar 2016

    Now I have a grinder and I grind the KRC beans right before I run it through an espresso machine. It is absolutely amazing. Period.

  3. The Best coffee ever

    Posted by Anita S. on 11th Feb 2016

    When I moved from Los Angeles last year I took several pounds of coffe with me. A couple of months ago I was down to my last bag and didn't know what I was going to do: ask friends to buy and send, fly back to replenish my stash or move back. I was ecstatic when I checked the Kings Road Cafe website and found they would mail it. Although I miss my weekday morning lattes before work, my weekend breakfasts on the patio and the great servers I'm glad I can still have that great Kings Road Coffee. Thanks for making my day!

  4. I Searched the World Over....

    Posted by JIM BOSCHE on 17th Dec 2015

    I lived in LA for 17 years - first had KRC's coffee in the early 90s. I introduced my wife to the coffee back in 97. In 2007 we moved to NYC. I went to all of the top coffee places, trendy, pour-over, all the type stuff. Absolutely nothing matched KRC roast thru an espresso machine. Long slow espresso pour. THE BEST.

  5. Worth Shipping Cross-country

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Sep 2015

    I live in Brooklyn but stumbled upon Kings Road when I was in LA for a few months working. It's the best damn coffee I've ever tasted and, after suffering through other coffee upon my return home to Brooklyn, I decided it's worth having Kings Road shipped out to me.

  6. NO competition.

    Posted by Jim Bosche on 25th Jun 2015

    I have lived in NYC for almost 8 years. In that time i have ordered over 400 lbs of coffee from Kings Road. there have been times where I forgot to order, and in my panic, I ventured out in NYC to find something comparable. We put our coffee through an espresso machine just like Kings. Well, I have NEVER found anything that is as pleasing, balanced, easy on the stomach, and satisfying as Kings Road. I don't get freebies or own stock in the company. Lisa and Lawrence have the best coffee. Period.

  7. 450 ppounds

    Posted by Jim Bosche & Allyce Beasley on 3rd May 2015

    In the last 7 1/2 years we have ordered 5 lbs of coffe per month from KRC. We live in NYC and at times have ventured out to find a local bag of beans that would foot the bill. But NO. Kings is the best, and we have been making it through an espresso machine in our home since 1997.

  8. Best Coffee Coast to Coast

    Posted by Robin on 30th Oct 2014

    I live on both coasts. Kings Rd is hands down the best coffee out there. So I import it to my East Coast home!

  9. best of the best

    Posted by Bruce Landon Yauger on 19th Sep 2014

    I used to practically live at Kings Road. Now that I'm a few thousands miles away, the only substitute for being there is getting the coffee shipped out east. Highest quality, superlative roasting, sublime flavor.

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