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Our Policies



    Return Policy:

    We promise to provide you with our gourmet coffee freshly roasted within days of your order and shipped thereafter within days. We do not accept returns and speaking of which, luckily we have never had anyone ask us to refund their order

    Privacy Policy

    What type of infomation could Kings Road Coffee collect from our online customers?

    Kings Road Coffee may collect such information as name, postal address, phone number, email address, financial information such as credit card number with expiration date, and other payment information. If you create an online account with us, we may additionally collect information such as a password, preferences for items such as mailing list, blog, newsletter, coffee club, and multiple shipping addresses.

    How could Kings Road Coffee use our customers' information?

    Kings Road Coffee may use information about you to do such things as process and manage your purchases, respond to your customer service concerns, and customize promotions for you based on your loyalty and purchase patterns.

    Kings Road Coffee will never share or sell your information to any entitiy unless required to upon lawful request.